Funny the people that don’t want the minimum wages to be raised are the people that are making a nice wages. I always thought that the American dream was to be free to live your life and be able to enjoy it .But instead everybody just wants the new phones, every thing flashy they can get their hands on at all cost.More and more we are not being personal with each other. We used to be a country that believed in somthing.Like saying I’m American and proud of it. Not thinking that you didn’t get where you by yourself God was there all the way.Some times we forget that we have a no control over life.But you don’t have to have the selfie complex.I know It’s hard for alot of people to not think about their selves. Some like hearing their voices because if they are cute will their voice must be cute too. When you help others any way you can god see you are carrying  n his word.We have to be more open minded about how life is supposed to be like.You won’t be happy unless you stand for the things that are right.Life is too short  to only center around your self. As the past has shown us it is easy to lose everything. And have to start over .I have started over a few times.So i know how hard it is especially if you don’t have any help.If someone ask you for help give it will make you feel good even if your generosity is not appreciate.I appreciate it and god too.     #be blessed-lisamthurmond


minimum wages

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