Today is my mother’s birthday she is 75,people are always wanting to know her age.She is my best friend that listens to all crazy stuff that comes out of my head. I spent all day sunday with her, church and I cooked dinner,pork tenderloin ,salad ,mashed potatoes. She enjoys life to the fullest. Sometime she has to use a cane because of her knee hurts. She loves dancing,she can do the how low can you go dance. She has strange people calling her mother, you ask her who is that, she says where she met them but not their name. She has had so many birthday parties that we decide not to do it this year. So my son’s other grandmother decide to have a big dinner tonight. When I ordered the cake I wanted to be pretty and be funny, it says tripping over moore because her last name is moore. And tripping meaning she will have lots more.


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